Our solutions are conceived with a prior notion that “the solution shall bring innovation and thoroughness”.


Mobile Payment

  • NFC

CorPayss Mobile Payment solution provides NFC payment for agile payment. Utilizing NFC technology, customers may rapidly purchase with virtual cards, acting as a purchasing tool via mobile application.

In addition, balance loading (TopUp) and instant conversion to a variety of currencies deem our payment platform agile and unique.

  • HCE

As the payment ecosystem alters to a cash-not-present state, the HCE integrated mobile application further provides a facility for contactless payment.

Granting real-time issuing and TopUp services, the HCE payment option provides users with a risk-free rapid payment option.

  • E-Wallet

Card-not-present transactions are expected to be in total use within a short portion of a decade; and the biggest contributor to the card-not-present ecosystem is the introduction of the electronic wallets.

Enhanced with industry approved security measures, our E-Wallet provides a vast array of payment options, easy-to-use intuitive interface, able to hold many payment industry brand cards and custom cards (gift cards, bus passes), rapid top-up and integrated with alternative payment options (NFC, HCE, QR Code etc.) via smartphone and the internet.

Our e-wallet can be used with many other wallets, such as ApplePay, GooglePay etc.