Our solutions are conceived with a prior notion that “the solution shall bring innovation and thoroughness”.



  • Card Processing

Comprised of card management and payment processing; CorPayss’s card processing provides a thorough solution, granting processing services for all renowned payment card brand BINs and custom card BINs.

CorPayss’s Card Processing service issues, such as cross border payments, interchange rates and compliance related adversities and derived risks, are handled with care and resolution.

Consolidated with an agile and effective fraud prevention system whether prepaid, credit or debit card; each card operation is overseen and swiftly issued for all conceivable cases involving card use (e-commerce, terminal sales etc.).

  • Alternative Payment

"never left alienated with borders" is our motto when talking about payments. With CorPayss, sky is the limit when paying for goods and services.

With our state-of-the-art E-Wallet module; our customers may orchestrate payment via instant conversions from local currency to many foreign currencies, cryptocurrencies with minimized risk.

Furthermore, we are introducing “new ways to pay” to our ever-evolving system with each passing day.

  • Tokenization

Compliant with industry approved measures, we are actively utilizing tokenization via token service providers or external tokenization servers.

Since securing card holder data (CHD) is the pivotal point to defend against fraudulent involvements, we provide tokenization for card number, hence granting the utmost security against malicious intent.

  • POS Terminal

As we scrutinized the immediate needs of our customers, we managed to grant a custom-tailored payment and expense system for our customers to manage via EFT POS device/Cash Register POS, and hence facilitate credit management.

We grant comprehensive solutions on EFT POS/Cash Register POS software that is secured and conveniently renders various reports for financial institutions, franchise stores and vendors with an expert team on both closed circuit & online payment systems.

  • Card Management Solution

CorPayss’s card management solution grants a wide range of cards and payment solutions, from prepaid cards to credit cards, from loyalty cards to bus passes. Enterprises and individuals can easily access our many EMV compliant applications such as collection of transactions, loyalty card applications, point collection (Chalking), quick payment, data collection and analysis.

The robust card management solution additionally provides product management, issuing, authorization, fee management, charge/interest management, statement, clearing & settlement and dispute & charge-back management systems.