We dedicate our resolve and valor to granting polished and ready-to-use services for customers from various segments.


Card Operations

Card Payment Systems constitute the major portion of the payment ecosystem.

You can access a wide range of services and solutions via CorPayss, including prepaid cards, meal cards, gift cards, custom tailored cards, public transportation passes, and e-wallet applications, as well as attain various applications such as collection transactions, loyalty card applications, point collection (Chalking), rapid payment, data analytics.

Merchant Operations

Our merchant operations module offers specific solutions and surgical services for merchant customers intended to monitor and demand report for revenue stream and loyalty services. Our solution grants comprehensive, easy to adapt and modular services via terminals such as POS, VPOS, ATMs and Kiosks.

We grant solutions & services on EFT POS/Cash Register POS software that is established with consolidated security, conveniently rendering a vast array of reports with an expert team on both closed circuit and online payment systems for legacy system institutions, chain stores and vendors.


Authorization & Transaction Switching

We are able to communicate online via global payment networks such as renowned financial institutions and payment card brands (MasterCard, etc.) through terminals such as POS, VPOS, ATMs, Kiosks, etc.


Our prior experience with payment systems prioritized our motivation to conduct rapid and secure authorization & transaction switching procedure via well established and coordinated back-end and front-end platforms with fintech promptitude.

Clearing and Settlement

The Clearing & Settlement module assists a variety of payment card brands’ clearing procedures (MasterCard, VISA etc.), national clearings and further serves “settlement” to local payment processing centers. The system is tailored to provide payment exchange amount between different financial institutions.

Furthermore, the clearing & settlement module works smoothly for international clearings. The module automates and monitors incoming/outgoing file procedures, validation steps, post fee calculation, and consolidation services.

The module operates swiftly and sustains a stable operation on every possible case involving clearing & settlement from point A to point B.


Fraud & Chargeback

It is our utmost priority to sustain that each service should be well-equipped with the necessary tools to grant every conceivable security measure. Our competent operations teams provide services to our customers on fraud prevention and detection services and payment appeals on a 24/7 basis.

In addition, our novel fraud detection and prevention system utilizes the machine, learning to detect repeating patterns and anomalies to scout for malicious activity and grants a secure environment for the customer.