Our solutions are conceived with a prior notion that “the solution shall bring innovation and thoroughness”.



We offer unconventional, flexible, easy-to-manage, and transparent solutions for payment processing. In addition, CorPayss delivers payment services on both online and closed-circuit systems with contactless cards and integrated circuits cards with contacts.

These services shall be implemented via prepaid cards, credit cards, debit cards or custom cards. We offer unconventional, flexible, easy-to-manage, and transparent solutions. Furthermore, to provide the utmost security, tokenization service is granted for applicable scenarios. In a similar way; terminal (POS, Kiosk etc.) services with contact and / or non-contact capacities can be provided to member businesses with which we are working.

Mobile Payment

We present a wide array of services on mobile devices from NFC technology to E-Wallet applications. Our mobile payment solution provides interworking modules such as E-Wallet, QR Payment and contactless payment which also works standalone.

With the CorPayss Mobile Payment solutions, users may have a firm grasp in the mobile payment process, and rejoice the ease and novelties, granted with our Mobile Payment solution.



Risk Management

The best way to halt fraud and other malicious activities is to offer an immersive, automated analysis of consumer patterns.

CorPayss deployed a risk management system, charting consumer behaviors and consumption trends, which monitors possible misdemeanor and fraudulent activities.